Selected Media Appearances by Dr. Michael Broder

Michael Broder has made over 1000 radio and television guest appearances, including The Today Show, Oprah and many appearances on ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox News and CNN. See below for a few video samples.

He was president of the Media Psychology Division of the American Psychological Association (APA) where he developed and conducted the first training programs designed to coach psychologists in the skills of the TV, radio and print media. In this highly acclaimed article, So You Want To Work in the Media? 21 Things I Wish I Had Known When I First Asked That Question,—published in Psychology and the Media, by APA (American Psychological Association), Michael offers tips, insight and a bit of folk wisdom to psychologists and other mental health professionals who wish to work in the media.

For 17 years, Dr. Broder hosted psychologically oriented radio programs for such major talk stations as WCAU and WWDB in Philadelphia; WOR and WABC in New York. On the network level, he has hosted for NBC/Westwood Talknet and ABC Talkradio. One year, Michael Broder was noted as possibly being the only broadcaster (with the exception of Orson Welles in 1940) to receive a regular paycheck from each of the three major radio networks (ABC, CBS, and NBC) for hosting live radio programs all during the same period of time.

Dr. Michael Broder is a veteran of five multi-city media book tours in the USA and Australia; and has often served as a media spokesperson for the professional associations with which he is active.

Today Show

“The Art of Staying Together”


“Couples Communication”

CNBC “Real Sex”

“The Art of Living Single”

The Daily Show

“Can Your Relationship Be Saved”

Phil Donahue

Some very unusual family dynamics…

Sally Jesse Raphael

Fixing Troubled Relationships…

Another one of Sally’s favorite Shows

Topic: Crushes


Topic: Unconventional Relationships

WPVI Channel 6 Philadelphia

News Commentary: Police Stress

WCAU Channel 3 Philadelphia

News Commentary: Stalking

Fox News

News Commentary: Kobe Bryant

CN8 Comcast Interview

Topic: Should I stay or Go?

Local Book Interview

“Can Your Relationship Be Saved?”

Dr. Michael Broder has made over 1200 presentations to professional, business and lay audiences.