Below are a few of my downloadable MP3 audio programs and ebooks that you might find helpful to begin working on your life — this very moment!

They all focus on some of the issues I am best known for helping my clients to resolve, both as individuals and couples.  These audio programs can also help you to determine whether treatment is warranted right now, and if so provide you with a starting point. So please enjoy them with my compliments for:

                                • Click here to download Overcoming Your Depression In the Shortest Time Possible.  Depression can be severe and debilitating, or it can be rather mild – of the variety that many people have, but never even bother to address. But what all depression has in common, is that to some degree it takes the joy, the laughter, and the sweetness out of life. This program teaches you strategies for attacking the underlying causes of depression, as well as how to manage it, and when additional help is needed.

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