Internet Procrastination: Why We Do it and How to Stop

Ever set out to do a task only to later find yourself wasting endless time on websites such as Facebook or Twitter? Do you hop on the computer to write that important email, but within   a few minutes get sidetracked into mindless web surfing finding later you haven’t done what you’ve set out to do? You’re probably experiencing the phenomenon we all know well… Internet procrastination. Everyone does it at some point or another, but why? The underlying reason may be that you get overwhelmed with the amount of things you have to do and the mere thought of getting something started stresses you out. Another possibility is that you’re setting standards for yourself that things must be absolutely perfect, so you don’t even begin to attempt them until the very last minute. This then may make you stress out more ,throwing you into a procrastination snowball. Read more

Unlock the Power of Meditation— To Feel Happier and More at Ease

Meditation is a great tool to combat stress and help you feel happier and more at ease. But many people don’t know how to start to incorporate meditation into their busy lives. Meditation can make coping with daily stressors easier and give you the often much needed power to “let go” of troubling thoughts or emotions. It’s easy to get started if you’re willing to try it for just a few minutes a day! Read more

Combine Passion with Purpose: The Secret to Finding True Happiness

Once you have acquired much of what you’ve ever wanted and achieved the main things you’ve set out to do, what’s next? How can you continue to grow and achieve even greaterhappiness in your life? You may have already attained personal success, but as most high achievers would tell you, even the most noteworthy accomplishments as well as the status that results can feel old and unexciting after a while. Read more

The Office in Your Pocket-What To Do When You’re Working 24/7

Lately it seems like just around every corner smartphone companies are advertising the plethora of productivity features offered by their latest model.  Consumers are lining up for miles to purchase the newer, bigger, better version of the “pocket office”.  There is no doubt technology increases productivity.  Real time shopping lists, virtual wallets, and access to directions in mere seconds are just a few things that help simplify your life.  But for many, unlimited access to technology also means being connected to the workplace 24/7. Read more

Don’t Let Stress Run Your Life!

Stress protects you when you’re in danger, helps you rise to challenges, and sharpens your concentration when it’s time to focus. Does this sound like you when you’re stressed out? For many, the answer is no! When working the way it’s meant to, stress can be very productive. But when stress is chronic, it isn’t serving you and can really take a toll on your health; affecting sleep, mood, concentration, immune functioning and blood pressure as well as many other biological processes. When stress feels like it’s getting out of hand, it’s time to take some steps to get it back under control.  Read more

Wave Goodbye to Overwhelm

Are you too busy to read this blog? If your answer is “yes” read on anyway! The normal adult in our society is often responsible for maintaining a career, organizing household finances, managing household chores, caring for children and/or older parents, sustaining relationships —with a significant other, family and friends— and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. And in case that’s not enough, within each and every relationship, you may find yourself in various roles. Hopefully, these many roles (parent, sibling, breadwinner, lover, professional, coworker, friend, etc.) contribute to your life positively, but the demands of too many roles at once can trigger in you feelings of anxiety and overwhelm. You may love running your business, taking care of your children, organizing Read more