Some Stage Seven Strategies for Getting Beyond Yourself

If there is a recipe to make Stage Seven your default stage, it is to let the combination of your passion (to manifest something new) and your gratitude (for that which you already have), be the forces that guide you. Here are a few things to think about and try in order to do that: Read more

The Secret for Achieving True Happiness: Get Beyond Yourself

The title of this blog says it all. In Stage Climbing terms, this is Stage Seven—the highest attainable stage, where self gratification alone just plain doesn’t do it anymore. And that’s the secret. When you stop chasing happiness for yourself and instead focus on helping others to attain it, that’s when it’s most likely to come back to you, and in a lasting way. The strategy here, is to perform acts of benevolence without expecting anything for yourself in return. Read more

Life at the Target Stages: How Good Can It Be?

Sometimes I find that it’s helpful to have a glimpse of what’s in it for you to work on your Stage Climbing process. The mission of Stage Climbing is simple: To help you live any aspect of your life at the target stage(s) you have chosen. Your target stages represent the optimal life that you either are living already or can be living very soon. You are in the target stage zone whenever you are operating at your highest potential. For most aspects of life, you will most likely aspire to Stages Six and Seven. Those stages also represent your unique and most authentic self. They are you at your best and happiest, because at Stages Six and Seven, you are guided by your passions, living beyond your ego, and solidly aligned with your purpose. Your target stages define you as a “grown-up.” They are where your heart is, as opposed to where you or someone else thinks it should be. In that sense, your target stages can even define why you are here. Read more

Using The Basic Stage Climbing Drill

Putting Stage Climbing to work for you in any area of your life is a lot simpler that you might think. Here is the basic drill, which is a protocol you can apply to an issue in any area of your life:

• Identify a hook, issue, or an area of your life in which you believe you are not functioning optimally:


• Identify the stage from which you are currently operating with regard to the above issue, hook, or aspect of your life:

Stage 1_____2_____3_____4_____5_____6_____7_____ Read more