Two Sources of Mentors

If you could have any mentor in the world (who is ether alive today or has ever lived), who would that person or those persons be? Take a current dilemma or situation you are considering or with which you are now struggling. When you have something in mind, write a short essay—even a paragraph or two—on how that person would handle (or advise you to handle or resolve) your issue or dilemma. What do your “mentors” believeabout your circumstances that you would be much better off believing? Keep in mind the fact that you can have as many Read more

How to Climb Through the Stages of Life with Maturity

The world is a virtual classroom and simply by living in it you’ve learned practically all you now know about life. But sometimes along the way you may need a little “tutoring” to get to a higher “grade” or stage—especially when your organic or natural process becomes stuck or you are anticipating a major life change.

As a psychologist, I have yet to meet the person who does not have to help their naturalmaturation process along to some extent in order to stay on the path to their potential, in an area of life. Read more

Connecting With Your Source of Your Passion

To the extent that you believe, as I do, that the most powerful answers and guidance you seek reside inside of yourself just waiting to be accessed, it’s crucial to find a regular practice to tap into this precious source of information, passion, and peace. Examples include regular meditation, yoga, long quiet and reflective walks, visualization and journeying, or a combination of them that uniquely suits you. They all provide excellent tools to deepen your conscious connection with your inner core. Whatever gets you there is the best intervention at Stages Six and higher. There are numerous sources of information available to help you develop and enhance these practices as staples in your life. Some of the best books as well as places where meditation and other practices are taught can be found right here at Read more

A Roadmap to Fulfillment

We’re fortunate to live in a world that makes progress and doesn’t usually allow things to be the way they were. Thus, there is more opportunity, equality and encouragement for everyone to follow their dreams and passions.But then what?

The first real step to maximizing your potential is to ask yourself, “What do I really want?” That’s the question I asked when I wanted to move from my early accounting career. I realized that what I really wanted to do was tohelp people resolve non-financial life issues. This lead me to go back to graduate school to become a psychologist. Read more

Ideal Attitudes for Stage Climbing, by the Stages

These are some ideal attitudes for removing a lower-stage hook and climbing to a higher stage that you have chosen for virtually any area of your life, according to the stage you are operating at presently. Tweak them to fit you exactly and then use them as motivators whenever you need to throughout your Stage Climbing process: Read more

The Power Behind Our Hooks at Each Stage

Since it’s our attitudes and beliefs that power our hooks to each of the seven stages, let’s take a look at exactly what they are and how to gain mastery over them, so that they don’t control you.

To start this process, here are examples of the most common attitudes or beliefs behind the hooks that disrupt your stage climb at the various stages. Resolve, on an ongoing basis, to challenge and change any of them that continue to get in your way or hold you back: Read more