Seeking Answers, and Finding Them in the New Book Stage Climbing: The Shortest Path to Your Highest Potential

I’ve always been a seeker and I have followed many paths towards becoming enlightened. I studied yoga because I thought it would help me find some of the answers to life’s biggest mysteries. I took a meditation course wanting to tap into my highest state of consciousness. I went to hear the Dali Lama speak in New York City to learn from this wise and holy man. And I’ve read his teachings and those of many others including self-help gurus Deepak Chopra and Stephen Covey. Read more

Benevolence is Your Calling: Find More Meaning in Your Life by Giving Back

If you have achieved a high level of accomplishment in your career and personal life, you may have found that you’ve become a victim of your own success— by realizing that things which used to motivate you no longer do. If this situation speaks to you, then giving back may be the answer.

Something more may be needed to bring meaning back into your own life; and there’s no better way than to shift your focus to the needs of others. The perfect starting point is often a place of gratitude for all the good things you have been able to manifest and enjoy in your own life, or even simply gratitude for life itself. Read more