Out of Work in a Down Market? Base Your Next Move on Your Passions and Desire, Not Fear

Career change has become a natural choice for many at some point in life, but it’s an entirely different situation when you’re forced to make a change, while the U.S. jobless rate is hovering at over 8% and you’re part of that statistic.

Instead of being desperate to take any job that comes along in this difficult market, now may be the time for you to finally make your career about whatever is your true passion. Many people have discovered— even in this economy— that they could successfully do this with much less difficulty than they thought. You only have to look beyond your fear! Read more

Hooks: Obstacles To Your Target Stage—Part 2

As noted before, in Stage Climbing, hooks are your thoughts, feelings, and/or behaviors that are characteristic of stages (other than your default stage, which is the stage that you tend to identify with currently) in a given life area. Hooks are anomalies to the way you normally function.  And in order to be considered a hook, it needs to be identified with a specific stage. Read more

Hooks: Obstacles To Your Target Stage

As you Stage Climb, you’ll encounter hooks – parts of yourself that act as  obstacles standing in your way of living life at your target stage.

Hooks are anomalies to the way you normally function. Think of them as your  connections to stages other than your default stage, which is the stage that you  tend to identify with currently. Read more

Typical reasons for making Job or Career Changes:

You may be aware that a job or career change is necessary for you, but feel stuck. If you currently are nowhere near a Stage Six default with your work (as discussed in last week’s blog), but wish you were, take this opportunity to ponder what you really want to be doing with this part of your life. Make a list of all the excuses that are holding you back and deal with each one separately, or, for the sake of this exercise, pretend that your excuses simply don’t exist. Read more

Your Best Attitudes about Your Career and the Work You Do

Let’s start the month of May by looking at your typical career outlook by the stages:

  • Stage One―“It’s safe and provides me with feelings of security.”
  • Stage Two―“It’s an easy way to find lots of opportunities to feel powerful by manipulating and bullying others as well as (perhaps) to make easy money.”
  • Stage Three―“It is the type of work my family/ ‘tribe’ does (or always did) or values most.”
  • Stage Four―“It gives me prestige and/or a steady stream of good people contact.” In addition, “It pleases the people in my life whose approval I value most.” Read more