How Families Operate at Each Stage

A major aspect of who you are is a result of the family you grew up in—your family of origin. The principles of Stage Climbing can explain much about your family and your own default stage in almost any area of your life. See what resonates most for you as we explore how families operate by the stages: Read more

Your View of Spirituality by the Stages

Spirituality and religion are often used interchangeably. I refer to spirituality as an internally generated set of beliefs that reflect your connection to whatever you consider to be your God, source or higher self. Religion, on the other hand, is a set of spiritual beliefs that are learned externally. Lets sort this out by the stages: Read more

How Grief (over loss) is Typically Handled by the Stages

We each grieve in our own way. When we allow ourselves to express our feelings of sadness, they tend to clear out of us naturally and usually lead to acceptance of the loss. However, when this process becomes blocked as it often does for a variety of reasons; grief can lead to chronic depression, anger, anxiety, and a variety of other stifling emotions and conditions. Read more