Parenting By the Stages of the Parents

On this second of three blogs on parenting, let’s take a look at this crucial role by the stages of the parents:

  • Stage One―Parents who themselves operate as Ones―regardless of the age of their child―may expect and encourage their children to become “parentified” (which means for the child to act in the role as the parent in one or more major ways), and thus take care of them. Read more

The Key to Good Parenting

A key to good parenting is to compliment what’s both age and stage appropriate. Consider this as a very basic guideline for ideal parenting at each stage of the child (Note: Next Tuesday’s blog will address the stages of the parents):

  • Stage One―To provide unconditional love, nurturing, care, and safety during the first year of life. Read more

Your Attitudes About Sex By The Stages

Since this is Valentine’s Day, I thought we’d take a look at how we view sex — an important aspect of love relationships—by the stages. Regardless of your relationship status right now, see which of these common attitudes most resonate with you. Those in quotes are verbatim accounts: Read more

Attitudes for Removing a Lower-Stage Hook and Climbing to a Higher Stage

Last week, I posted some examples of the most common attitudes or beliefs behind the hooks that disrupt your stage climb, by the seven stages. These are a few of your idealattitudes to choose for removing a lower-stage hook in any area of your life and climbing to a higher stage. Tweak them to fit you exactly and then use them as motivators whenever you need to throughout your Stage Climbing process: Read more