Attitudes or Beliefs Behind the Hooks that Disrupt Your Stage Climb

Here are some examples of the most common attitudes or beliefs behind the hooks thatdisrupt your stage climb by the seven stages. Resolve, on an ongoing basis, to challenge and change any of them that continue to get in your way or hold you back. This is a crucial aspect to being in complete charge of your life.

To challenge a self-defeating belief or attitude, first ask yourself if that belief is “absolutely true.” Once you’ve established reasonable doubt as to whether the stifling belief is the truthand  Read more

Where to Turn for Help When Problem Solving—By the Stages


In my practice, I have seen many— sometimes heartbreaking— examples of how people have suffered far longer and more severely than they had to, simply because they were not receiving the type of help that could be most effective for them at the time. Read more

What to Watch for In The Presidential Debates— How They Handle Conflict

The presidential debates are getting more and more interesting. However, in my opinion, there’s just one thing to be watching for at this point—how the candidates handle conflict, as conflict resolution skills is job one for anybody who would even think of pursuing that job. As the election gets closer, I’ll revisit this and break down each candidate by the stages. For now, let’s just observe the patterns of each one. Read more

Bringing Your One Big thing to Fruition

In last week’s blog, I gave you some tools to get into a peak state and identify the one big thing you would like to accomplish in 2012. If you missed that January 3rd post, I suggest you scroll down and give it a read.

Now it’s time to get down to business, simply by setting timelines for completing you goal and then breaking your one big thing down to small manageable pieces or sub-goals that you both can and even more importantly will do by the timetable you’ve set in order to bring your goal to fruition. Read more

Welcome to 2012!

Now What One Big Thing Do You Want Do You Want to Accomplish This Year?

New Year’s resolutions have almost become a cliché: Go on a diet, join a gym or finish some task you’ve been procrastinating on. You know the drill. Some years you pull it off, while others you don’t. For 2012, let’s try something different. Focus on that one big thing you’d really like to do. For this exercise, forget the “shoulds”, and instead concentrate on what you really want! Read more