Psychological Counseling and Psychotherapy

with Michael S. Broder, Ph.D.

Are you looking for help with:

  • Making life changes in order to identify and reach your highest potential in a part of your life?
  • Managing stress or an emotional state such as anxiety, depression or anger?
  • Resolving a difficult conflict or specific personal problem?
  • Identifying and pursuing your unique passions ?
  • Determining or navigating career change?
  • Changing a stress filled life to one of joy, meaning and purpose?
  • Getting to the root of difficult core issues that are holding you back from having the life you desire?

Or with your relationship situationeither individually or as a couple, such as:

  • Resolving communication, sexual, financial, parenting , family, jealousy,  infidelity and reconciliation (after a breakup) issues?
  • Effectively handling conflict in your relationship?
  • Deciding if your relationship is viable?
  • Transitioning through a divorce, separation or breakup?
  • Beginning a new relationship?

I am a psychologist, with a 38 year boutique psychotherapy practice, here to help you—as an individual or couple– resolve your most daunting personal and relationship issues.  We’ll work together to create and master the strategies you need to achieve long-term, life changing results  in the shortest time possible.

These are some of the situations I am best known for helping my clients—both as individuals and couples— to resolve, along with some of my complimentary downloadable audios and ebooks to both get you started working on your issues and to give you an introduction to my approach:

  • Maximizing life satisfaction by identifying sources of passion, purpose and connection; Goal setting; making important life decisions and/ or life changes.Click here for additional information about life direction coaching.

I have included a few of my downloadable MP3 audio programs and ebooks that you might find helpful for getting started on some of your issues at this moment. These can also help you to determine whether treatment is warranted right now and if so provide you with a starting point for your first appointment.



In addition to helping you make life changes and resolve problems, I believe that an important part of treatment is to master the use of whatever strategies and tools you will need if even your most daunting personal issues or difficult relationship problems should ever again challenge you in the future.

My main therapeutic orientation, whether working with you as a couple or individually, is an eclectic blend of cognitive behavioral therapy, REBT and mindfulness techniques that are tailored to your unique circumstances. Generally speaking, I believe in short-term therapy, or treatment that most directly and comprehensively addresses your issues and provides you the insight to both understand and resolve them in the shortest time possible. For over 38 years, I have treated thousands of adults and couples with this type of goal directed, results oriented approach.

My private psychotherapy practice is located in Center City Philadelphia. In addition, I do telephone coaching sessions from my Philadelphia location with people around the world, often those that have read my books and/or listened to my audio programs, who would like to supplement and enhance the work they have done on their own or who can use some help in breaking through an impasse.

Center City Philadelphia Offices are located at:

  • Medical Tower Building, 255 South 17th Street, Suite 2900, Philadelphia, PA 19103; Phone: 215-545-7000. (This is my business office.)
  • Academy House, 1420 Locust Street, Suite 7G, Philadelphia, PA 19102; Phone: 215-985-1132. (This is the office where I personally see most of my private clients.)

Most health insurance plans provide out of network reimbursement for sessions with a licensed psychologist. At each session, you are given a receipt with the information necessary for reimbursement. In addition; Visa, MasterCard and American Express are accepted for payment. Please call my office at 215-545-7000 for fees and other information or to make an appointment.

Call (215-985-1132) or email me directly if you would like to discuss therapy, make an appointment or have any questions.


In a survey conducted by Philadelphia Magazine of psychologists, psychiatrists and other mental health professionals–a total of over 4,000 in the tristate region of Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware—Dr. Michael Broder was named one of the top and most universally respected couples and individual psychotherapists in the areas of cognitive behavioral therapy and relationship issues.


Click here for information about Dr. Michael Broder’s services as a speaker.

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