Positive Attitude Training

The Power Of Cognitive-Behavioral Psychology
by Michael S. Broder Ph.D.

This best selling MP3 downloadable album teaches you how to gain mastery over your attitudes and emotions!

It uses bottom-line explanations, visualizations and imagery, and some of the most powerful exercises ever put on tape! It has been adapted by a wide range of organizations as an essential management tool.

You will learn how to:

  • Overcome depression, anxiety, guilt and worry;
  • Handle low-frustration tolerance;
  • Make stress work for you;
  • Control your habits;
  • Build a positive self-image;
  • Let go of the past and take risks;
  • Set life goals;
  • Find the courage to make major life changes;
  • Develop decision-making skills;
  • Overcome the detrimental effects of ambivalence and perfectionism;
  • In addition to this quite powerful arsenal of techniques for turning around negative moods and changing your life – as well as the way you view it – you will receive a seventh bonus MP3 program called “Your Positive Attitude Booster.” It can be played any time you need a quick reinforcement of the full program.

And Much More!

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