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For Couples, Singles and those in transition..

Can Your Relationship Be Saved?

How To Know Whether To Stay Or Go

Can Your relationship Be Saved? comprehensively covers one of the most prevalent issues I am consulted for. It is written in a completely neutral tone and provides clinically proven strategies for making the determination, rekindling your relationship (if that is your choice) and moving on (when that’s the better option); without guilt, regret or other self-destructive emotions. Read more.“I highly recommend this book and encourage therapists to recommend this it to their equivocating clients.” — Arnold A. Lazarus, Ph.D., Author of MARITAL MYTHS REVISITED

“I strongly recommend that any person who is ambivalent about his or her relationship read this book. Promptly!”
Albert Ellis, Ph.D., Author of A GUIDE TO RATIONAL LIVING

The Art Of Living Single

I am often asked, “ What is the best way to avoid getting into a bad relationship?” I’ve always believed that the secret is to be comfortable in your own skin, with your own solitude and life as a single. That way you will never give up life on your own for a relationship that fails to dramatically add to your life.

In The Art of Living Single, I lay out my best strategies for mastering the most common issues you will face as a single person, whether always single or recently single and whether or not single by choice. Read more.

This is the book referred to by the Book of the Month Club and so many in the media as “the bible for singles!”

The Art Of Staying Together

With marriages and love relationships more fragile today than ever, just what does it take for a couple not only to stay together, but fulfill each other optimally? In this book, you will learn how you and your partner can immediately apply these principles and the strategies that go with them to your relationship, and see immediate results. Read more.

For anyone who wants to have or improve a marriage or long term love relationship. ” The only relationship book you’ll ever need!” Publisher’s Weekly. “Smart, sensible and sophisticated … for today’s couples interested in making their relationship last.” Book of The Month Club.

The Secrets Of Sexual Ecstasy 

Arlene Goldman, Ph.D./co-author

The Secrets Of Sexual Ecstasy introduces a brand new, unique and powerful model consisting of  five ingredients that any couple can experience and learn to incorporate into their sex life in order to deliver the maximum degree of sexual ecstasy. Read more.

“This is by far the most helpful and comprehensive book we have ever read on how to make sex with your partner nothing short of great”
Gail Richmond, San Diego, CA


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